Happinez loves the Wabi Sabi collection!

Voorkant Happinez juli 2014

Artikel Wabi Sabi Happinez juli 2014

The Happinez about Wabi Sabi the new fair fashion clothing line from AnnLiz: graceful and feminine, soft and timeless.

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SALE: 30% for 1, 40% for 2 & 50% for 3

Sale 3 items for 50% discount

SALE @ AnnLiz

- 30% discount on all fair fashion clothing for women and kids

- 40% discount on 2 items

- 50% discount on 3 items

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SALE: 30% on all women and kids clothing!

Sale: 30% on all clothing

SALE @ AnnLiz: 30% discount on all fair fashion clothing for women and kids!

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Also other bloggers like a quiet style like AnnLiz


Emma from the nice UK blog ‘A Quiet Style’ blogs: “ I like to take in the atmosphere, try and imagine my house looking as good, and occasionally if I fall in love, then get pleasure from opening up a little bag when I get home and finding a new place for a piece of the lifestyle I am being sold.”

About AnnLiz she says: This gorgeous shop sells mainly women’s and kids clothes, but also some lifestyle products, like the pretty wall hung vases you can see in the photos.

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Wabi Sabi – new fair fashion label by AnnLiz

Wabi Sabi the new AnnLiz fair fashion labelwitrand

Is inspired by this ancient Japanese philosophy which embraces transience and pure beauty. The cardigans for women and children are produced in a fair way in Nepal using natural materials and colors. Founder Mera Martinot “they will become more beautiful with the test of time and stay a valuable item in your closet”.

 All seasons cardigan for women Kishi (long and happy life in Japanese) made from a soft blend of cashmere and cotton. Available in a natural white and beige and ….”one size fits all ” € 199,-

 Kids all weather jacket Dai (to shine in Japanese) is made of 100% soft merino wool. Available in grey blue, grey melange and camel in the sizes newborn to 4 years, € 49,-.

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Magazine Flair loves AnnLiz Fair Fashion collection

AnnLiz in Flair May 2014


AnnLiz is accoring to the editorial office of Flair one of their favourite shops in Amsterdam, they love the AnnLiz fair fashion collection for women and kids.

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Fine summer knits and ready to play boys collection!

AnnLIz Fine summer knits and ready to play boys collection!

New collections from fair Fashion labels: Sita Murt, Polder, Gro and our own label Wabi Sabi…

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AnnLiz store in 100% Amsterdam

100% Amsterdam travel guide with AnnLiz store

The famous 100% travel guide for Amsterdam selected the AnnLiz store as one off their favourite spots in Amsterdam. They only select a few special places for their guide and AnnLiz is one of them!

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Blogger JustbyManon loves AnnLiz

JustbyManon promotes AnnLiz

The famous Dutch blog JustbyManon promotes the AnnLiz shop and webshop for fair fashion for kids & women and homeware. They love the boutique and the uniqueness of the beautiful products.

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Ecological sneekers by Veja

Ecologial kis sneekers by Veja

Ecological kids sneekers by Veja

Veja’s philosophy: our vision is to combine fair trade and ecology linking it together economy, social initiatives and the environment. All sneakers are made in Brazil with a Fair trade certificate, using natural sources.

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